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After purchasing the academy you will receive an email coupon code that will allow you to select your classes online.
Picking a Major is the first step toward smarter and more exciting sewing. Through the SSA Majors program you'll get 9 Academy Courses and 5 Workshops at an over all discount of 20%, totaling 349.99. It's an incredible value! Plus, when you sign up your included in our Student Stimulus Package that nets you 20% off all in store purchases for the rest of the semester. Graduate by completing all 32 credits hours of your major and your 20% discount carries over to the next semester. You could have 20% off for an entire year!

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The Home Dec Major is all about opportunity… because your home is the ultimate canvas for expression. We want to give you the tools to seize those opportunities with Major Focuses like Vintage Restoration as well as Classes like Obscure Materials. So go ahead. Make that house a home!

Due to program constraints you can only purchase the bundle here. To pick your classes and "sign up" you'll have to call into Smile Spinners and register. We hope it's not to much inconvenience for you. An email with your class list would suffice as well. Your 9 courses must be picked upon purchase, but workshops can be chosen as you go! 
Here's how to reach us.
Phone: (717)-957-4225
[Call us anytime between 10am - 4pm, Wednesday to Saturday.]