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Beginner 1:

I don’t know how to sew YET, but I’m interested in creating with fabric!

We suggest taking these foundational skills classes  BEFORE your first project (click the images for more info)

Click Here
 for some projects/ patterns that are truly step by step and foolproof. These give the beginner something they can do with NO skills but have great results from the first try.
*Quilts will have Large and Few Pieces. They only require you to be consistent with your cutting and sewing. Garments will have little to no fit, bags and home dec projects will have very few components

If you're reading this and HAVE experience Beginner projects can still be for you! They will give you step by step instructions to follow to a T, they will be fast for you to create, and they still give you an opportunity to hone in your skills or practice some if you’re a little rusty.

If you have experience, foundational skill building classes designed for beginners ARE for you too! Many of our students find that these classes really helped to fill in the gaps of their knowledge (especially if they learned many years ago, were taught by a family member or were self-taught

Beginner 2:

This means you’ve taken some foundational skills classes (cutting, pressing, pinning) and you are familiar with your machine.
These projects will utilize these skills in an in-depth way.  Some projects require more cutting, and organization but will feature mostly the same size pieces. All pieces will be on grain (no bias!) Garments may feature more steps and minor fitting. Home Dec and Bags may include pockets, or more pieces
Beginner 2 projects will allow you to play with color and arranging pieces to achieve different effects without utilizing any complex techniques you haven’t learned yet.
The focus on these projects is consistency

If you have more skills these projects will be quick for you to assemble and they should require little focus to put blocks and other pieces together, because all that’s needed is consistency in piecing.

Intermediate 1:

This means I’ve made a few projects from the Beginner 1 and Beginner 2 category, I’m familiar with my machine and the foundational skills to make my project prep and my sewing come together really nicely. I’m ready to learn some more skills, and turn up the complexity notch.

Click Here for Intermediate Projects. These will have more pieces, require accuracy in piecing, may feature angles (bias) and introductory concepts like applique, and paper piecing, or zippers and buttons (you might need a specialized skill builder on this!) The point is to start to put all of your skills together and focus on the parts of the process of putting together your project. These projects may take you double the time to complete (especially if the pattern suggests a Make This pattern in: x time) but that’s ok, focus and employ your skills.

If you have a fair amount of skills, chances are you are here or at Intermediate Next, if were being honest, this is the sweet spot. Projects are just challenging enough for you that you have to think about them, but not so challenging that you’re frustrated. If you feel frustrated, its ok, pause and choose some things from the Beginner Next category. Get a few ‘Wins’ and be sure to build those skills!

Intermediate 2:

This is the sewing Sweet Spot in our opinion.
You have enough skills that you can read a pattern and make your way through, you also can make important decisions that allow you to be your most creative self. Don’t like how the pattern tells you to do something? Great, you have enough skills and experience to decide to do things your way!

Your projects become more custom and will have enough pieces and complexity to keep you engaged and focused but not be so challenging that you stop. Your projects may have all kinds of sizes that need to accurately fit together, you may have to do some fitting if you’re garment making, and you may need to invest in some specialty tools if you’re making bags.
Click Here for Intermediate Projects


Aren’t we all?
At this point, we really feel like we know it all.
Humility Check!! We don’t.
We all can learn something new! Take some advanced skill builder classes to really put your creativity over the top with perfect execution.

Projects here are pretty time consuming, but that’s ok, we love the process, the challenge and we really love not rushing through things just for the satisfaction of a finished project (if you can’t wait to get things done, choose some Beginner-Intermediate projects to fill this need.) If you’re making garments/ bags or home dec, this might be the place and time you’re branching out to not only more complex projects, but you’re using fabrics that can be challenging. Now is the time!