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Buy From People Who SEW!

When you purchase a sewing machine from Smile Spinners you will receive... 

  • New Owners Guide Classes 
    • 1 hour of one on one training for your new sewing machine. We always want you to leave with a working knowledge of what your machine does and how to set it up, we'll never just give you a box and wish you "good luck!". Our Guide classes always combine personal expertise with the manual's 'How-To's'
  •  Continued Education Programs for all types of machines
    • Your new sewing machine does lots more than your old one, we promise, and you won't just use the straight stitch! Our continued education programs are designed to get you thinking outside of your creative box, with classes like "Stitch This" and "One Foot In Front Of The Other" you'll explore your built in stitches and the feet that come packaged with your machine and how to use them in your projects. 
    • You'll find our 'Specialty Techniques' and 'Advanced Techniques' classes offered monthly, so you can keep exploring your machine long after you've been sewing with it.
    • We pride ourselves on a 'Tasteful, not Tacky' approach to using your machines specialty features. So you can be sure to be sewing and quilting with mastery and style!
    • View our classes HERE
    • View our calendar HERE
  • Priceless Expertise 
    • I know we look young, but together we have over 75 years of sewing experience and we are excited to share our knowledge and passion with all of our clients. 
    • Our Story
  • Honest and Accurate advice from people who actually sew
    • There is a saying "If she sews, she knows" and we certainly do, but we back our skills and techniques with science. We'll give you the 'Why' along with all of the 'How'
  • Access to in house, certified machine technicians 
    • Smile Spinners is privileged to have 2 onsite, factory certified technicians.
    • Customers can expect that when you've bought your sewing machine from us, you'll get access to 'express services or repairs', like jumping to the front of the line when you're having an issue with your machine. Heck, we even let you text us for technical support from your home!
***All of these services add value to our products and services, and we hope that you'll feel like family with your purchase.