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Thursday: 1-6p
Satuday: 10a-2p
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Reopening May 27, 2020

Hi Everyone!

Smile Spinners is located in Perry County, PA (in case you've forgotten where our shop is, along with the day of the week, I know I have!).
Last week it was announced that Perry County would move from the red zone to yellow on Friday, May 22.
Almost immediately, I begin to receive inquires about when we would be open for business. So just what does, open for business mean for Smile Spinners? Honestly, I had to think about my answer to that question for quite a while.


Throughout the world, there are many communities. To name just a few, there are, religious communities, over 55 communities, rural communities, and communities of sports fanatics. What forms a community? It is a group of people that have something in common.  There is a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing a common attitude, interest or goal.

At Smile Spinners, we have always thought of ourselves as a community. Our common thread is: we all love fabric and what we can create with it. Our sewing passion is where our commonality ends. That is what makes my decision about opening so difficult. We are young, we are old, we are healthy, we are not, we are from the country, we are from the city. We are colorful, we are subdued, we have multiple religious beliefs, political and scientific views. Generally, we are able to weave all the differences together and still form a very interesting, beautiful fabric that we love very much.


When COVID 19 arrived, our ability to be woven together became strained. In addition to all of our other differences, we now add people who think the Corona Virus is a hoax, people who follow the science, people who don’t want to get sick and die and others who just want to get on with it and everything in between. So how does Smile Spinners address the question of opening for our sewing community?  How do we make most of you happy (note I said most) and still keep you safe knowing we are all so different? Well, that has taken some thought!

We decided that the only way to address all those differences is to evolve. During the last two months of being closed we’ve added more ways than ever to experience Smile Spinners! Shopping will be offered remotely, in store, one-on-one and in small groups! You get to choose the shopping experience that will work for you and still be able to receive the fabrics you adore!

 Read below to learn more!


Shop rules

  •       Masks are required to enter the shop. We expect your mask to cover your nose and mouth at all times
  •       Social distancing, at least 6 ft., is expected
  •       Your patience, understanding and flexibility are greatly appreciated
  •       If you are presently ill, have been ill or have been around someone who is ill please, stay home.
  •       If you have recently traveled (within the past 7 days) please stay home
    • Appointments will be needed for many things, we are presently adding them to our website

Online Shopping

Many of you have used our website to place orders over the past 2 months. Visit our WEBSITE, to shop for fabulous fabrics and sewing supplies! Online shopping is always open 7 days/week, 24 hrs. /day.

* Your order is packed and shipped on the same day when placed:

  •       Monday – Friday by 1 P/M EST
  •       Saturdays by 11A/M EST

Curbside pickup

We will resume curbside pick-up. When shopping on-line, choose curbside pickup when checking out. When your order is ready you’ll be notified via email. Visit the shop during our Curbside Pick Up hours (below). When you arrive at the shop, please remain in your car and we will bring your purchase out to you.

* Available Now on:

  •       Tuesday – Saturday: 11-1
  •       Social distancing is required

Personal Shopping - Remote

We love to coordinate fabrics but know many of you find this process intimidating. The Remote Personal Shopping service is for those of you who cannot visit our brick and mortar location. This service is by appointment and is generally done using FaceTime or other virtual meeting platform. Appointments are limited to an hour. View the class calendar for times available and sign-up there. You will be prompted to pay $10 to reserve your slot, which will be credited back to your purchase when you shop with us.

*  Available Now:

  •       Wed-Friday as posted
  •       Registration/Appointment is required
  •       Sign up on line

In Store One-on-One Shopping

This service is available upon request for anyone who is hesitant about being exposed to others but still longs for an in store experience. The appointments will be available daily before the shop is open to the public. This means surfaces are clean, the viral load in the air is low and the only one you will be shopping with is me. Sign up online, Personal Shopping, to reserve your time slot.

*  Available starting May 26, 2020:

  •       Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday
  •       Times: 10-12
  •       Appointment is required
  •       Masks are required.
  •       Social distancing is expected.

Group Shopping

For those of you who are not bothered by others being in the shop at the same time this is for you. No more than 3 people will be allowed in the shop at one time. A reservation is probably wise but not necessary. Call ahead to schedule an appointment at (717) 957-4225. An Appointment Calendar is being added to the website

*  Available starting May 27, 2020

  •       Wed 1-4
  •       Thurs 1-6
  •       Friday 11-4
  •       Sat 11-1
  •       An appointment is suggested.
  •       Masks are required
  •       Social distancing is expected

Sewing Machine Repairs Drop Off

We have provided this service throughout. Please stay in your car; we will retrieve your machine. Click HERE to download and fill out a ‘Drop Off’ Form

* Please tag your machine with your name, address and phone number.

* Please list any issues you are having.

* Include the following with your machine: foot pedal, power cord, bobbin case, bobbin, foot with a wide opening, and a sewing machine needle.

Please do not bring other items. We are not responsible for any items that don’t get returned to you or goes missing.

*  Available Now:

  •       Tuesday-Saturday: 11-2
  •       Social distancing required.


Sewing Machine Repair Pick-ups

We will call you when your machine is finished.

Curbside pick-up is available. Please remain in your car. We will bring your machine to you.

*  Available Now:

  •       Tuesday – Saturday 11-2 daily
  •       Social distancing is required


Sewing Machine Sales

Start your search for a machine by looking at sewing machines HERE

Call, (717) 957-4225 or Click HERE to email us about setting up an appointment to test-sew machines you are interested in.

*  Available Now:

  •       Tuesday-Saturday: 10-2
  •       Appointments recommended
  •       Masks are required
  •       Social distancing is expected


Classes - Remote One-on-One

You have questions, we have answers! Answers about sewing, quilting, sewing machines and more! Held via FaceTime, zoom or  similar remote learning platform.

Works with someone to answer your questions, appointments are for 1 hour.

*  Available Now:


Classes - Remote Group

We love to teach you how to sew smarter, not harder. In order to maintain acceptable social distancing we will resume classes via remote learning.

Classes will be offered via zoom or a similar remote learning platform. Please here for offerings.

*  Available: Starting  June 3


Quilting Service

Drop off and pickup is available at curbside or in store.

Visit our Long- Arm Quilting Page for details and to print/ fill out a form for your Long Arm Quilting Service. Kindly place your quilt in a bag with your completed form.

Call (717) 957-4225 for more information

*  Available Now for curbside drop-off:

  •       Tuesday-Saturday: 10-2
  •       Social distancing is expected

Smile Spinners is a private business who takes the safety of our customers and staff very seriously. We are guided by science and research.  I hope you appreciate the steps we are taking to maintain the safety of our customers and staff while we work to repair the fibers of our sewing community.

Congratulations! You made it to the end!!

In closing, up until now I have tried to be very politically correct. Those of you who know me are probably expecting a little “Honesty Hour with Cathy” given my medical background in relation to this situation, so, here’s the summary of the blah, blah you just read and how I truly feel...

*If you are someone who has been hanging out in large groups of any kind, usually do not wear a mask or wash your hands, has been traveling around or just generally don't worry cause this virus doesn't scare you and the pandemic is annoying that is your right. Power to you. But, just do all of us a favor and please shop at one of my competitors!

Love ya!


Life before Smile Spinners

Many of you are new to Smile Spinners and are probably wondering what makes me qualified to talk about healthcare. Before I owned Smile Spinners, I was a Respiratory Therapist. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Care from Indiana University of PA and Western Pennsylvania Hospital in Pittsburgh. I worked as a Respiratory Therapist, Respiratory Therapy Supervisor, Clinical Director and eventually Department Director at the former Polyclinic Medical Center in Harrisburg, PA.

In the early 90’s my family and I left Harrisburg to work in Respiratory Care in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. In addition to working in a large Pediatric ICU with doctors from around the globe, I developed the first home care programs in the Kingdom which included mechanical ventilation for home care patients and expanded the respiratory therapists role hospital wide.

After working in Saudi, I returned home and started doing a different type of therapy at Smile Spinners. While running Smiles Spinners I also taught health careers at Harrisburg Area Community College. Yes, that is where I drove my students crazy learning the cycle of infection, the proper use of Personal Protection Devices (PPE) and handwashing. Many of them thought I was over top in my demands for excellence when demonstrating those techniques, I bet they are thanking me now!