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Email Update: Exciting Updates to Keep You Stitching

Exciting Updates to Keep You Stitching!

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all finding some time to stitch! While so many of us are at home, if you are at all like me, God help you LOL, it’s been very easy to get sucked into the non-stop information being broadcast about the pandemic. I’m watching TV, checking Facebook and my emails and am exhausted and really upset by the end of the day.

On the days where I turn all those things off and head to my sewing room, I find at the end of my day, I can look back at my accomplishments and smile! You know, sewing meditation is a real thing!

Grab your favorite beverage this email is a long one!

In this e-mail find: Masks; “The News Tab”; Shout out to Michelle McGinnis; New Services: Personal Shopper, One-on-one classes; Remote Learning; Sewing Machine: Sales and Services.

Masks are now an essential part of our lives. Many of you are being asked to go into production of masks for businesses and are being offered a pittance for your work. If you are hesitant to tell people that you want to be paid for your work, please send them to “The News” I’m glad to talk for you!

“The News
Speaking of "The News" if you haven’s started following Smile Spinners News updates they are on the home page of our website, Follow our sewing updates and be in the know!

Shout Out to Michelle McGinnis
I want to thank Michelle for doing a daily spotlight on her favorite small businesses! Her husband, with Michelle’s support, owns a number of local Bleacher Bums stores! If you want to support local small businesses, this is a really appreciated way to show your support!

Small businesses are working overtime to rethink their businesses. They will survive this pandemic because of their grit and determination and your support. We are not waiting for a grant from the government because as you know so many people have gotten the letter that says, there is no money! You will be the ones who can help small businesses, YOU! 

 So once again Michelle, Thank you so much for spotlighting my business!

New Services at Smile Spinners
Things keep changing and we are working very hard to stay one step ahead of whatever is coming our way. As you have read in my past newsletter, I’m very concerned about everyone’s safety and took lots of pro-active measures in that area long before it was mandated.

Personal Shopper  
Over the years we have frequently heard our customers say how bad they were at picking fabrics! Our response to that was, we love to pick fabric, how can we help! When faced with a website full of fabric, picking the best ones can be even more daunting. Yikes!

Need Help? We’ve got you covered! We have two methods to help you! All from the comfort of your home!

I have posted a few Personal Shopper slots so that you can work directly with Jessica to pick fabrics. This can be done via facetime, zoom or a number of other formats. All you need to do is to head over to the website calendar page and schedule in one of the time slots. Currently, you will be prompted to pay $10 to register. This $10 will be credited to your purchase at end of the session.

You can also email to: and tell us about your project. Send us some pictures, tell us what colors and designs you prefer and we can make some recommendations!

Remote learning
Everyone is using some form of remote learning these days. Many of you who are not in the Harrisburg area or even this country have been asking us for remote learning for a long time. Well, it’s finally here!

My husband, who is not very techy, has been using Zoom for a few weeks to teach his healthcare classes at HACC. It’s gone pretty well except for the power outage and the Internet crash, which was out of his control. So, if Joel can do it, you can too! Shhh, don’t tell him I said that! Not familiar with Zoom? Head to

Skill Builders
By May 1, I would like to be offering our Skill Builders Series on zoom. Watch the schedule for these classes, they will be added soon! The class size will remain small so you can get the attention you deserve!

One-on-one classes
These are already being offered. Head to the website, choose the calendar tab and look for the time slots listed to schedule a private class. We have done a number of these with people who have purchased new sewing machines!

Sewing Machine Sales and Service
Need a new machine? It is very easy to buy a machine even though our doors are closed. You can start by going to to the sewing machine tab. There you can find new and some of our pre-owned machines. Gather some information and then get in touch with us via facebook messenger, or an email to so we can set-up an appointment to answer your questions. It’s that easy! Classes on how to use your machine will then be set-up through remote learning!

Sick machine? We can help with that! We will pick up and deliver within a 30 mi. radius. Once again facebook message us or email us at

New Products
In 2020, before the world changed, Smile Spinners brought in loads of new products in anticipation of new things to come. Well, they got pushed to the back burner for a while, but it’s time to start looking forward to some new exciting things again! We will be scheduling a Facebook live event in the near future so you can see all of the new things that have arrived!

Ok, that’s probably enough for now! Thanks for reading! Stay safe! I hope to see you soon!


Cathy, Jess and Caleb