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Making Masks, New Feature, April 7, 2020

Mask making update

Thank you sew much to everyone who is making quality face masks! Watching the tutorials on how to make a mask out of a t-shirt, sock or paper towel gives me great concern. I think you will agree that the race to throw anything on your face gives society a false sense of security.

I've made loads of masks over the past 2 weeks. As a result, I have tried making many different styles and followed many different tutorials. After loads of fiddling I have come back to Smile Spinners original design the surgical mask design. Click here  I like the fact that I can add non-woven interfacing to increase the masks filtering ability and I like the durability of the fabric ties. I have added one new feature that makes the mask very close to a manufactured surgical mask, the nose piece.

New Feature!
I added a piece of binding across the nose area of the mask. I then insert a 3.5" piece of wire into the "pocket" made by the binding. My husband found wire hangers that he used to hang a suspended ceiling was a perfect weight, (about the weight of a paper clip). He then bends the ends around to prevent poking the user. I then stitch close to the ends of the wire to keep it centered. The result is awesome! The mask stays in place so you don't touch your face and no more fogging of your glasses! Check it out below!