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Sew Serious COVID 19

This information was sent in an e-mail earlier today. Please sign up to receive our emails! In the future this area will be used for short updates.

Hi Stitching Fanatics,

I want to start with saying, "I love you and miss you".  I miss going to the shop, I miss hearing your laughter and I miss seeing your faces light up when you learn something new! In fact, I love all of you enough, that I want you to be around when this is all over!

Essential Service Shop

Today we were asked why we weren’t open because a fabric shop down the road got an exemption to be open. Here’s the answer to that question. Why, because I refuse to put my life, my employees' lives and your life in jeopardy. Yes, you are in jeopardy every time you go out! Milling around a shop, thinking you are getting away with something or that it is safe because it’s a small group of your friends is, I’m sorry, not very smart. Stay home, shop online!

I am speaking from a healthcare professional’s standpoint, which I am certainly qualified to do! Many of you are 60 or more years old! Hell, I’m 65. If you aren’t afraid of this virus and are not using every precaution available to you, you need to get frightened! I’ll spare you the details of what death on a ventilator struggling to breathe looks like! Believe me, it is not something you want to experience! Stay home, shop online! 

In a hospital, we would use standard precautions (universal precautions), which assumes that everyone you encounter is infected with something that could hurt you. This should be how you are viewing everyone right now! Customers, your fellow employee, your visiting grandkids, everyone including you! Stay home, shop online!

Yes, we miss you and would love to have you visit our shop, but right now it is not safe. If you take the precautions to stay safe now I will see you in the future if not, well then maybe I won’t be seeing you. Stay home, shop online!

We have a website,, please use it, be safe! We will ship quickly!

Curbside Pickup is NO longer available

I fielded loads of questions about what happened to the curbside pickup option on our website? Curbside pickup has ended for the same reason that the shop is closed….safety! How could curbside pick up be dangerous you ask? Actually, today I watched from my office window as someone dropped off a sewing machine for repair. The person got out of their car, wasn’t wearing a mask, put their fingers to their mouth several times and then went to the back of their car and lifted out the machine. That is exactly how the virus spreads! Mouth, fingers, machine handle. Ilk! So, to keep all of us safe, curbside has ended. Stay home, shop online, we will ship quickly!

News Tab at (You are Here)

On the home page of our website there is a place that you can find Smile Spinners News. I update this area very frequently. There you can find: the tutorial on how to make a mask, when interfacing might arrive, if we have found elastic and the answer to many of the questions I answer when I respond to your emails. Please look at The News first before emailing us. 

In ending, please, please, please take this seriously because it is very serious. For those of you who are taking this seriously already, Thank you! For now, stay home, stay safe and shop on line! Hoping that we see you soon!

All of our love,

Cathy, Jessica and Caleb