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No Fooling! April 1, 2020

Hi Stitching Fanatics!
Thanks for checking into the News at Smile Spinners! Just some quick news updates today!

Online Orders

Online orders are being filled daily. We greatly appreciate those of you who are supporting us by placing orders!Thank You!!!!!

Sewing Machines
Need a new sewing machine? It's never been easier to purchase! It is easy for us to demo machines using facetime or other platforms. The machines can then be shipped directly to your home! Need support to get up and sewing ? We are there to help you!

Sewing Machine Repairs
If your sewing machine is having an issue please check that you have it threaded correctly! Did you thread it with your foot in the up position? Is the thread in your take-up lever? Did you replace the needle? Is the bobbin spooling off in the correct direction? Often times you can avoid a costly "repair" because threading is the issue!

If you are still having problems call us. Leave a message, we will get back to you. We are still doing repairs and cleaning but to keep us safe, we will not work on your machine for 3 days so we are certain there is no virus lurking on your machine!

We still are receiving mixed messages on whether we should wear masks or not from the Healthcare Authorities. It seems that everyone is leaning more toward everyone covering their mouth and nose with something. The thinking is to stop the "spit droplets" from flying out of your mouth and landing on a surface that someone will touch!

So what does that mean for mask making? There are so many methods for making a mask, choose your favorite and get stitching! Our video is still available on YouTube. For non-healthcare providers; I have been making masks without interfacing. For healthcare providers in low risk jobs: I am making masks with sew-in interfacing. For those of you who are familiar with our freezer paper method I have found that this method speeds pressing the pleats.

We continue to receive requests for 100's of ready made masks per day. For those of you who are looking to purchase ready made masks we are really sorry but we cannot fulfill your requests. If you know anyone who has a sewing machine and just a little sewing experience please have them view our YouTube video on making masks. Click here for the Youtube video

We have received many concerned phone calls asking whether we will run out of fabric. Please know that we have about 5,000 beautiful fabrics, that will make lots of masks! We are continuing to order and receive non-woven interfacing, both sew-in and fusible and have ordered in elastics in an 1/8 inch rolled variety.

Until the next time...Put on a mask, Don't touch your face, Wash your hands often, Don't turn off the faucet with your clean hands, use good social distancing, be safe, be well!

Bye, Bye