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Sew A mask- March 25th 2020

Greetings Stitching Community,

I want to start today’s news by thanking everyone who is making masks!
While it is doubtful that you will be featured on any news program, please know that there are many grateful people who are applauding your heroic efforts!
Thank You Sew Much!

The focus of my letter today will continue to be on masks.
If you are interested in other projects please continue to peruse our news.
Many new and exciting projects are on the horizon! Stay tuned!

 For information on masks please read below:

Photo Credit: Nadia I.

People in Need

We are continuing to receive requests for masks.

Please let us know if you have masks to donate or sell so we can connect you with people in need.

Who is requesting masks?

Have you found the need for masks confusing? We have all heard the people “in charge “ telling us that there are plenty of masks and the need for home sewn masks is unnecessary. I’m not sure where the disconnect is occurring but we continue to receive requests for completed masks from people who work in nursing homes, home healthcare, doctors offices to name a few. They have told me they were given one disposable surgical mask (single use only) and told to make it last! I also heard a story about a health care provider being ordered to intubate a patient with no protective gear and was told they would be fired if they didn’t! Insane! 

Why do people want a mask?

Regardless of the information that we issued in the *bold statements below, people are requesting masks. They want something that will cover their mouth and nose. As we are all aware, the filtering properties of our homemade masks are unknown. Perhaps, just the fact that we cannot put our hands in our mouths and nose, portals of entry for the virus, will be helpful.

- *Please issue the following information with the masks: Masks constructed from the kits make no claims to keep you free from the COVID19 virus.

- * This mask will not replace N-95 masks. Not touching your face, social distancing, good hand washing techniques and all other precautions should still be used!!!!!


Mask Construction

- There is a an updated tutorial with subtitles that is posted on our website and YouTube channel.
 Click here for the tutorial

- The research that we found on what materials to use can be found here.
About Non-Woven Fabrics
What are the Best Materials to use for a mask- from an Aeronautical Engineer

- We are unable to do our own research on the filtering ability of the mask kits- but believe us, if we could, we totally would!

-  We will use 100% cotton poplin with the highest thread count we have available (60x60). According to some of the studies, this will give us the best filtering that can be achieved with cotton fibers.

- We have included a non-woven interfacing in our kits. Some studies have shown that this increases the filtering ability. (see the research link above) Depending on how the mask will be used, as a cover to another mask or on its own will depend on whether the interfacing will be used.



- Orders for mask kits can be placed at on our website HERE.

- The orders will be filled within 24 hours.

-  Kits can be mailed or picked up at curbside.

- Curbside pickup instructions will be available when your order is ready for pickup.


Pictures of various mask designs

Thank you for sending pictures of your mask designs and design improvements!

 Check with our social media channels to see what others are sewing, and to share your projects (masks and others!) with us

Tomorrows Post:

Use of PPE’s and hand washing

Not only is sewing a passion but so is healthcare, after all I was a Respiratory Therapist for 25 years and taught Health Careers for 5! If you were to ask any of my former healthcare students they would describe me as over the top when it came to infection control. At a time like this that is probably a really good thing!


Look for my e-mail tomorrow and until then be safe, wash your hands and stop touching your face!


Love ya!