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News From Smile Spinners, March 24, 2020

Notes from one of the Stitching Fanatics at Smile Spinners, Cathy

 First Kudos!

* To Jessica and Caleb who have worked tirelessly to edit videos, develop masks kits, answer questions and a million other things, Thank You so much! Their dedication is what makes Smile Spinners Sew Awesome!

 *To All of You who have ordered mask kits and other sewing supplies from our website, Thank you so much for your support!

Mask Making

I have a number of requests (about 40) for ready-made masks. Please let me know if you have extra masks that you would like to sell or donate. 


If you haven’t visited our website lately,, now might be a fabulous time to do so! From the home page you can easily access our Facebook posts, our inspiration on Pinterest, Instagram and our YouTube Videos. You can also see the latest Smile Spinners News! Our large fabric selection, which includes cotton poplins, cotton jersey knits, pontes, and cotton linen blends, is super easy to shop! Grab a beverage and dream! 

New Classes and Projects

I have been working to develop some new projects, watch for pictures, to place on our upcoming class calendar! Depending on how long we have to remain closed, many of the classes may be offered in a shorter video version! 

Until tomorrow, Be safe, Sew, Social Distance, Sew, Wash your hands, Sew, Don’t touch your face, and of course sew!