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Keep Calm and Sew a Mask, March 23, 2020

Notes from Smile Spinners!

Hi Everyone,

 As you are probably aware, our physical location at 1975 Valley Rd, Marysville, PA is temporarily closed.  Sad face emoji! Hmmm what’s a person to do? Now would be a great time to become familiar with our website, and to follow us on Social Media, Facebook, Instagram, & Youtube.

 Yes, we know we are much more fun to visit in person but we are here to help you remotely with your projects. This is a great time to focus on learning a new skill or completing a project!  We have already posted tutorials to Facebook, YouTube and will continue to do so! Orders placed online will continue to be filled and shipped! Your questions can be answered via facetime, or email.

 Thank you for your numerous inquires on how to construct masks. If you are interested in doing this please read below.

The Research
We have been working on finding information on the best materials to use to construct masks. As you are all aware, masks are used for filtering out harmful particles. In our quest for information  we are also concerned about the safety of the materials you are breathing through. I have seen some video’s where people are cutting up any old filters and turning them into masks. As a former healthcare provider (Respiratory Therapist) and educator this scares me! As we find articles on filtering we will make them available to you.

-Referenced articles are available on our facebook video post, date 3/21/2020.
-Links are HERE and HERE

Many of you have asked for kits, here are some things to know.
- Yes, kits are available. They can be purchased at

- We will use 100% cotton poplin with the highest thread count we have available. According to some of the studies, this will give us the best filtering that can be achieved with cotton fibers.

- We will also include a non-woven interfacing since some studies have shown that this increases the filtering ability. I am working to gather more information on non-wovens.

-  Kits can be mailed or picked up at curbside. See Curbside pickup below.

-* Masks constructed from the kits make no claims to keep you free from the COVID19 virus

- * This mask will not replace N-95 masks. Not touching your face, social distancing, good hand washing techniques and all other precautions should still be used to stay safe!!!!!

Kit Prep

- Please know that your health as well as others is extremely important to us. We will use safe practices to package your kits.

- None of our fabrics have been handled by customers for at least 5 days and some haven’t been handled for much longer!

- Studies show that the virus can live on cardboard for up to 24 hours and on plastic for up to 72 hours. Fabric? If you are concerned about the kit, please isolate it! I do that with anything I bring into the house!

Guidelines for curbside pickup

* Our shop is closed. We are strictly adhering to that safe practice. Please do not ask to enter the shop to pick your fabrics or kits.

- We will contact you via text message when your order is ready for pickup. At that time we will give you instructions on how to safely retrieving your order.

- If you require special fabrics please visit our website,

Those in need of Masks

- I have received requests for masks.

- Please forward requests for masks and the number needed to

- I will work to arrange to get the masks to those who need them.


In closing, thank you to all of you who have volunteered your time and your expertise to construct masks! Keep in touch via email, and social media until we can see you again!


Stay safe!

Cathy, Jess and Caleb