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#SEWcial Distancing and COVID-19 Operating Procedure (3/17/20)

Hi Sewing and Quilting family, its us, your friends in fabric at Smile Spinners! 
(We're waving at you from at least 6ft away! LOL)
This email has a lot of information about what we're doing as a business and a creative community as we face the Corona Virus.
Please read the whole thing, its long, but its worth it.
We love you!

Smile Spinners is more than a name, it’s a huge part of our mission statement. As a small business, we are honored to be the place you, our valued customers, come to when you’re having a bad day, need a ‘pick-me-up’ or just need to be around bright, happy fabric!
We will always be that for you, especially considering the present national and global concern for the COVID-19 Virus.
Effective today, to comply with the federal and state guidelines to combat the spread of the virus, we are temporarily halting our walk-in retail operations at our Marysville Shop. Our online operations will continue as normal. We encourage you to check out
Have a question, we’ll be here, give us a call! 

Operations at Smile Spinners will proceed as follows:
We, meaning Cathy, Caleb and Jess will still be at our location, practicing recommended safety precautions from the CDC to package and ship your orders and continue to service and repair your machines.

During this time, we are excited to begin developing the online learning platform requested by so many of you. We’ll be starting with some live videos on Facebook and we’ll add new videos to our website and YouTube channel (yep we have one!!)
The news may be scary, but we’re creative and we’re in this together!
We look forward to sewing with you from our studios and cannot wait to see all of the awesome things you’ll make while practicing SEWcial Distance.

Ways to help us and other Small Businesses you love:
(Adapted from our friends at Calicutts Spices in Hershey PA)

"1.) Continue to financially support a local small business by placing online, phone, or email orders — that helps maintain normalcy as long as possible, and it continues to allow businesses the ability to pay rent, meet payroll for employees, and buy the supplies needed to create products.

2.) Provide encouragement — writing a kind comment here on Facebook, leaving a nice review, or sending a thoughtful email to a small business costs nothing. What it gives to a small business owner and their employees is oftentimes more valuable than money. It is the positive acknowledgment and gratification in your words that reenergizes us to continue to overcome when we are feeling most defeated.

3.) Spread the word — small businesses rise and fall on “word of mouth” and their reputations. If you like what a small business creates, who they are, and how they treat you, then tell your friends and family about them. When the fog lifts, and our lives returns to normal, the awareness spread by you about a small business, can instantly revitalize that small business through increased sales. And it will be as if a disruption to operations never even occurred.

Thank you for your support over the years, and we thank you for your continued support during this extraordinary challenging time!”

Smile Spinners
Cathy, Caleb and Jess