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Weekly Update! March 11, 2024

Hello Creative Community!

My Weekly Updates have been missing from your mail since January 22, 2024. The email platform that I use had some issue, so my emails wouldn't send. Hopefully that has been fixed!

Sew many things are happening at Smile Spinners

  • New Products: Books, Patterns, Fabrics!

  • New Class Calendar for April is now available!

  • Private Class opportunities are now available on the Class Calendar!

  • Coming Soon! Makers Space! Watch for more info on this!

  • Coming Soon! Garment Patterns by Smile Spinners!

Project Spotlight!

I want to take a minute to talk about this cute wreath that was constructed by Karen C. !


The class for this wreath was held back in December. The technique is simple and beginner friendly. We positioned our fabric squares on a fusible grid. Once the fabrics were positioned correctly they were then fused in place. Everything is then stitched and pressed and like magic your quilt is almost complete. Anyway, I really want to share Karen's fabric choices. The wreath is beautiful, now look at her fabric choices.


Everyone who has viewed them was surprised, well shocked that those fabrics could turn into such a beautiful wall hanging. Just take a moment to think about those fabrics. Why do they work? If you find choosing fabrics difficult, or frightening just know we are here to help you with your fabric choices!    

New Pattern from Jo and Smile Spinners!

The sample is hanging in our classroom! It is in 2 colorways! Stop by and see it!

Photos from around the shop!


Upcoming Classes

Neck Edge Finishes!

  • March 13, Wednesday
  • Time: 6:00
  • Let's explore neck edge finishes!
  • Facings, bindings, clipping, grading, understitching and more will be discussed in this class! 
  • We will be constructing samples in class, so please bring your sewing machine!
  • Click Here for More Class Info!

Stitches and Feet

  • March 14, Thursday
  • Time: 6:15
  • Take another step toward getting to know your machine. Explore the abilities of your sewing machine, stitches and feet.  Stop using only the straight stitch with your needle in the center position.
  • Click Here for More Class Info!

Learn to Quilt Workshop! Begin Piecing!

  • March 15, Friday
  • Time: 11:00
  • In this class we will put the skills; cutting, stitching accurately, and pressing to work and start construction a table topper!
  • Click Here for More Class Info!

Sew What! Workshop! 


  • Everyone asked me WHAT we are sewing? Whatever you want!
  • Loads of Sew What Workshops to choose from!
    • March 16, Saturday - Time: 10:00-2:00
    • March 23, Saturday - Time: 10:00- 2:00
    • March 30, Saturday - Time: 10:00- 2:00
    • April 6, Saturday - Time: 10:00 - 2:00
  • In this Workshop:
    • You choose what you want to work on!
    • We are available for guidance, inspiration, & project suggestions!
  • This class fills quickly so register early!
  • Click Here for More Class Info!

Garment Masters! Tops and Jackets!



  • March 20, Wednesday
  • Time: 6:00
  • Location: Classroom at Smile Spinners
  • Here's your chance to put all of those skill builders into practice!
  • In this workshop you will work on the project of your choice!
  • Please note: The picture of the blue jacket was from an ad, the jacket was $200! Just make it!
  • Click Here for More Class Info!

Finger Crossed this email sends!  

Be Sew Creative!