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Understanding Your Creative Partner! Fabric Creep! Part 2

Hello Stitching Community!

Wednesday is Understanding Your Creative Partner, YOUR SEWING MACHINE, Day!

  • In this email I am going to continue to address Fabric Creep!

Last week I talked, about What is Fabric Creep?

  • It is the lump, "fabric blister", that starts to develop in front of your foot as you sew.
  • The more layers of fabric or the longer distance you sew will cause the fabric to mismatch, top wil be layer longer than the bottom layer, tucks will form or fabric will twist.
  • Eliminating fabric creep, reduces or eliminates trimming up, tearing out and a whole lot of frustration!

Options for Controlling the Creep!

  • Pinning
  • Easing in, works best with 2 layers of fabric.
  • Walking Foot
  • Adjust the pressure on the presser foot
  • Pfaff IDT
  • Stretching your fabric, pulling from the front and back
  • Glue/Spray Baste

Pinning not only makes you aware of fabric creep it helps to control it.

Before we can discuss methods to control Fabric Creep, you have to understand how to identify it is occuring before it gets out of control!

How do you "see" the "fabric blister" you ask? ​​​​​​​


  • Now you may or may not be aware that I find pinning absolutely necessary!
  • I have a 2 hour class all about pinning! Life Altering, was how I heard someone describe it!
  • Pins, yes pins, not those clips!
  • If your pins are placed 4-5 inches apart, you will notice that a lump is starting to form.
  • You need to control that "Fabric Blister" before removing the pin.
  • Pinning not only makes you aware of the Fabric Creep but helps in the control of it. But only if you don't allow that blister to keep pushing and pushing ending in tucks, twists, misalignments.



Easing In!

  • Pictured above and below you will see my creep controller
    • A Stiletto/Awl helps me to ease the fabric toward the foot.
    • An open toe applique foot, my favorite foot, allows me to contol the fabric as it is stitch together. 
    • No tucks, no mismatching at the end.
    • We practice this technique in my Stitching Accurately Class.


But what if you have loads of layers like in the chenille scarf shown last week? What else can you do?

Walking Foot!

  • I have seen them being called Even Feed Feet, Accufeed, whatever the company now calls it, it is a walking foot.
  • How does it work?
    • Remove your ankle from your machine. Pictured below.

  • Place the part that looks like a little lever, over your needle holder set screw.
  • Lastly, align the foot and fasten it to the shaft.


  • When your needle goes up and down the foot lifts off the fabric. 

  • Honestly, I hate walking feet! They are clunky and impedes my view of my project. 

Pfaff IDT!

  • The black piece clicks into the opening in the back of the foot! Pictured below.

  • This mechanism pulls your fabric from the top so there is no fabric creep!
  • No Walking Foot is needed!
  • All the feet featured below can accommodate the IDT mechanism!
  • Even the zipper foot!


  • Pop on my desired foot!
  • Pop the IDT mechanism in place.
  • Start sewing!
  • No screwing needed! LOL!
  • Start sewing
  • Notice there is no fabric creep!
  • Smile at your perfect intersections!
  • Yes, you guessed it I love it!

Next time:

  • Adjusting the pressure on your presser foot!
  • Pulling your fabric!
  • Glue

Bye for Now! Be Sew Sensational!