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Understanding Your Creative Partner! May 24, 2023

Hello Stitching Community!

Wednesday is Understanding Your Creative Partner, YOUR SEWING MACHINE, Day!

  • In this email I WAS going to address Fabric Creep. 
    • What is it?
    • Why does it happen?
    • How to stop it from happening but that subject will have to wait until next week.

But Instead: I want to discuss Sewing Machine Knowledge.

I just finished reading the book, Lessons in Chemistry! I totally identified with the main character, Elizabeth Zott. She is passionate about Chemistry but most people can't understand her passion. Also, people don't think that she is knowledgeable because she is a woman. How does that relate to your Sewing Machine Knowledge? I am on a one-woman crusade to help people understand their sewing machines! I follow science and apply it to many of the areas of sewing. Sometimes my zest for finding a solution to your sewing woes makes people uneasy. Also, I'm a woman who's ability to understand the mechanics of a sewing machine is frequently questioned!

  • Let's get a few things straight: 
    • Your knowledge about your sewing machine has nothing to do with your sewing ability.
    • Your knowledge about your sewing machine has nothing to do with how many years you have been sewing!
    • Your knowledge does come from attending machine focused classes with someone who really knows how to sew and how to repair your machine!

I see lots of machines that are brought to me because they don't stitch. The reason they don't stitch can be the result of many things.

To figure out what the problem is and how to keep the problem from returning, takes team work. You & Me!

When you bring your sewing machine in for repair I will always:

  • Take your machine to the back counter 
  • Have a look at it with you in attendance.
  • Ask you lots of questions.
    • Actually, I create a rule out list.
    • That is my science background kicking in!
    • I start with the most obvious issue and work through to the least obvious.
    • Sometimes that involves asking you questions about how you do things, what thread you use, how it is positioned.....
  • Lastly, we will develop a plan of action.

I am not only trying to determine the problem with your machine, I am also trying to find out why that problem exists.

  • Are you experiencing large loops on the underside of your fabric because you are not threading with your foot up?
  • Does your machine not form a stitch because you put the needle in backwards?
  • Is your fabric not feeding cause the stitch length is at zero?
  • Is your top tension too tight because your thread isn't spooling off correctly.
  • Do you have tension problems because your bobbin is the wrong size?
  • Are you skipping stitches because your thread spool is unsupported?
  • What if your scissor function in your machine doesn't cut. Does the blade need to be changed or does the lint need to be cleaned out?
  • Are your needles breaking because you pull the fabric?
  • Is your project too thick for your machine?
  • Is your bobbin basket turning out of place because you are starting to sew and your fabric is not under your foot?
  • And more!

I can easily fix all of those problems! I cannot keep them from returning if YOU do not provide ME with any information about your stitching habits.  Knowledge about your sewing machine and your sewing habits are what I need! 

Some of you seem to be getting defensive when I try to obtain information about your sewing machine. Remember:

  • I am actually trying to save you money!
  • Most times, 95% of the time, there is no repair required! Really!
  • Often a discussion about  your machine fixes the problem and you are on your way! No charge!

How do you become more knowledgeable about your creative partner?

  • Read the emails I post on Wednesday about Your Creative Partner.
  • If you have missed some of the emails, they can be found on the home page of the website.
  • Watch for a new mini series on Understanding Your Machine. July or August Class calendar.
  • Attend the FREE classes you received with the purchase of your machine! 
  • Ask questions.

Thank You!

So many of you who have taken the time to email me about how much you have learned from the Wednesday Emails!

To the lady who told me she could kiss me because I answered her question about her serger tension, you made me smile many times! 

  • I am always available to help you learn more about your machine (classes, phone calls, Zoom, In person)
  • We all should be on a quest to learn new things
  • AND no matter how many years of sewing experience you may have, you can still learn new things!

Be Sew Smart!