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Weekly Update! May 8, 2023

Hello Stitching Community!

  • In this Email:
    • Upcoming Classes!
    • Plan a Road Trip to our shop!

CLASSES: Become Sew Knowledgeable!   View the Class Calendar!

May 10 - Exploring Specialty Techniques - Bobbin Work!

  • Time: 6:15
  • Meets Face to Face in the Classrooms at Smile Spinners or via ZOOM!
  • Skill Builder!
  • In this class we will exploring:
    • How to use the gorgeous chunky threads that are too thick to go through the eye of the sewing machine needle!
    • How to wind the thread on the bobbin!
    • How to mark and position your fabric!
    • How to stitch!
  • All machines can do bobbin work! Join us to find out how!
  • Click Here to Register for Class!


May 11 - Batting IQ

  • Time: 6:15
  • Meets Face to Face in the Classrooms at Smile Spinners!
  • Skill Builder
  • Batting:
    • You have spent time and money to make your quilt. Now how do you decide what batting to choose?
    • Should you choose: Cotton, Polyester, Wool, Bamboo....?
    • What should you know about shrink rate, loft, stitching distance...?
  • Click Here to Register for Class!


May 12 - Meet the Designer! FREE

  • Time: 10-1
  • Get to know the Talented Jo Stefanon!
  • She designs patterns, she is an artist, she creates garments and quilts and she is a machine quilter. 
  • Jo has been been providing the Long Arm Quilting Services for Smile Spinner's customers for 20 Years!
  • Meet Jo and become SEW Inspired!
  • Click Here to register for the meet and greet!


May 17 & 24 - Fiber to Fabric (2 parts)

  • Time: 6:15
  • Meets Face to Face in the Classroom at Smile Spinners!
  • Skill Builder!
  • So many fabrics so much to know!
  • Jessica's knowledge of fabrics and fabric production is amazing!
  • She holds a degree in Fashion Design and Production Management from FIT in NYC! After graduation she spent 10 years working in NYC developing textiles for a variety of industries!
  • Click Here to Register for Class!


May 25 - Half Square Triangles

  • Time: 6:15 
  • Meets Face to Face in Smile Spinners Classroom!
  • Skill Builder!
  • What is a Half Square triangle?
  • What is it used for?
  • What are the best methods for creating 1/2 square triangles
  • Click Here to Register for Class!


Some Images from Our Quilting Class!


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Bye! Be Sew Knowledgeable!