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Understanding Your Creative Partner! Bobbins! May 3, 2023

Hello Stitching Community!

In this Email:

Bobbin Knowledge is essential to achieving a perfectly balanced stitch!

  • Be Bobbin Savvy!
    • Is there a universal bobbin that fits all sewing machines? NO!
    • Can you use metal bobbins if your sewing machine has a bobbin "low" indicator? NO!
    • Does the direction that your thread pulls off your bobbin matter? YES!
    • Does your bobbin have to be tightly wound? YES!
    • Does your weight (size) of the bobbin thread have to match your top thread? NO... BUT!
    • Is there tension on your bobbin thread? Is it adjustable? YES & YES!

Once again it is time to explore your Creative Partner, Your Sewing Machine!

  • Why am I addressing this topic?
  • I see loads of machines that are brought in to me for repair and what do I see? 
  • Many of the machines have multiple sizes and shapes of bobbins that will not work with their machine! 
  • The good news is that once the correct bobbin is used, the machine is fixed!!!!!
  • Don't be embarrassed but do become sew knowledgeable!


Size Does Matter!!!

  • Perhaps it is difficult to see all of the various shapes and sizes of the bobbins in the picture above. Zoom in and take a look!
  • Trust me the bobbins are very different!
  • There is not a universal bobbin even though you may have seen ads for them! 
  • **Always select the bobbin that is designed for your machine's brand and model. For example: Pfaff sewing machines have a number of different shapes and sizes of bobbins! Ask an expert!


Metal or plastic?

  • You will also notice that some of the bobbins are metal and some are plastic.
  • If your sewing machine has a bobbin sensor, a light must be able to pass through the bobbin to reach the sensor, so it's plastic for you. 

How should your thread spool off?

  • If you have a bobbin case that is like the picture on the left, your bobbin needs to turn clockwise.
    • ​​​​​​​A dot placed on the top of the bobbin will turn to the right.
  • If you have a bobbin case that is like the picture on the right then your bobbin needs to turn counterclockwise.
    • ​​​​​​​A dot placed on the top of the bobbin will turn to the left.


Does your bobbin need to be tightly wound?

  • Yikes, look at these! 
  • Your bobbins must be wound tightly. 
  • Not loopy, not spongy!
  • The loose threads below will get caught in the bobbin case as they try to spin.
  • Most times bobbins like this can be re-wound on another bobbin so the thread does not go to waste.
  • Having issues winding a bobbin? Ask us for help!


Does the thread used in the bobbin have to be the same weight (size) as your top thread?

  • Your machine is adjusted to have a balanced stitch with a 50/3 thread.
  • A heavier or lighter thread can be used in the bobbin if the tension on the bobbin thread is adjusted.
  • The thread on the right is the correct weight!


How to make adjustments on the bobbin case?

  • There is a small screw on your bobbin case that can be adjusted.
  • Pictured on the Left. Adjust the bottom screw
  • Pictured on the Right. Adjust the screw shown at the tip of the awl.
  • Be Careful! You can adjust the screw too much and the tensioning pieces will fly apart!


Thank you for taking the time to become Sew Knowledgeable about your Creative Partner!!!

If you have an questions please call or stop by for a visit!                 ​​​​​​​

Plan a Road Trip to Smile Spinners!!


Next Email!

  • Next email: Friday, May 5, 2023 or maybe May 6!

Bye for now!