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Understanding Your Creative Partner! Thread Spools! April 26, 2023

Hello Creative Community!  Wednesday is Understanding Your Creative Partner Day!

Today we will discuss:

  • Question:
    • Can the size and shape of your Thread Spool cause:
      • skipped stitches?
      • an unbalanced stitch, thread pulling to the top?
      • broken needles?
  • Answer:
    • Yes!
    • Don't take your machine in this email!

First let's look at some pictures!

  • What do the spools below have in common?
  • Answer: They hold thread


  • Next what is different about the spools below?
  • Answer: The size and shape of many of the spools differ. 
    • ​​​​​​​The height and diameter differ
    • The size of the opening in the thread spools differ greatly


So should that difference in the spool cause you any concern? 

  • Yes of course or I wouldn't be discussing it!!!!!!
  • In my email last week, April 19, I showed you a number of pictures 
  • I mentioned that how your thread comes off the spool can cause your top tension to increase (tighten) without changing your tension knob.


I am often asked about what makes a quality thread but I can never remember anyone being concerned about the spool.

  • Yes, I am suggesting that you have to care about the quality of thread and also the spool it is wound on!
  • In the olden days....all the openings in our spools were the same.
  • The spools below all have a small opening. If they are supported on a thread stand and don't have any compression spots they will spool off beautifully. They will not bobble about as the thread pulls off. Sewing life will be good!


  • Please look closely at the picture below of the spool stand and spool.
  • The spool in the picture has a rather large opening and looks like is not supported on the top or bottom! Oh! 
  • If that is indeed the case, the spool can bobble around and cause the stitch to pull to the top side and/or to skip a stitch!


  • The large spools pictured below must  have a spool support positioned in the large opening and must be on a thread stand or you are going to be saying %$#&*% machine! It's not your machine!


Now look below.

  • What do we do with these spools?
  • The opening is not large enough to put in a thread support as above.
  • The openings are not aligned so they do not lay in the "well" in the top of your machine. It does not stand up straight on your spool pin nor does it stand on the spool stand.
  • .   
  • I must admit that when I was gathering threads to take pictures for this email I couldn't believe how many of the spools are like the ones above! I was ranting, who designed these spools!?! 
  • No wonder everyone is having an issue with unbalanced stitches, (thread pulling to the top), skipped stitches, shredding thread, breaking needles.....

So in summary, if you are experiencing skipped stitches, bobbin thread pulling to the top, shredding of your threads, breaking needles, look at the spool your thread is wound on, it just may be the problem!

I hope you are enjoying becoming more knowledgeable about your machine! If you missed any of the Wednesday emails where I help you become friends with your Creative Partner, they can be found on the home page of our website, Click here to go to our Website!

Having problems bonding with your machine? Set up a private class with me. It can be done face to face or via zoom! Call (717) 957-4225 to schedule. Click Here to check on our hours!

The next email is on Friday April 28!

Be Sew Creative!