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Understanding Your Creative Partner! Troubleshooting Your Stitch! April 19, 2023

Hello Creative Community!  Wednesday is Understanding Your Creative Partner Day!

Today we will discuss:

Achieving a Balanced Stitch! Click Here to view a video made by Smile Spinners on the Perfectly Balanced Stitch!

  • Oh No! What is happening in the picture below?
  • If you look at the right side of the picture, just behind the foot, you will see the bobbin thread has suddenly started to pull to the top!  %&*+()$#@!
  • Follow along with me as I do some basic troubleshooting.
    • Hmmm, the bobbin thread is pulling to the top. It is really pulling to the top!!!!!
    • That means, either the tension on the
      • Bobbin thread is Too Little 
      • OR 
      • There is Too Much Tension on the Top thread.
    • Since the stitches on the left side of the picture were balanced I would start looking at why there is too much tension on the top thread.
    • I would not even think of adjusting my top tension!  There are loads of reasons why your top tension changes and they don't have anything to do with changing the tension dial.
  • The first thing I always do is to put my presser foot in the "up" position. Does the thread pull easily through the eye of the needle?  It should!
  • In the picture above, the thread was stuck! I couldn't pull it through the needle with the foot up!
  • Track the path of the thread.
  • The following "things" will make it more difficult to pull the thread through the machine, thus tightening the tension on the top thread. 
    • Is the thread able to pull off the spool without getting stuck? Are there rough spots on the top of the spool?
    • Is your thread standing upright on a spool pin?
      • Is it standing up straight?
      • Is a spool cap on too tight so the spool won't spin?
      • Is there goop on the spindle from the label on the thread once again keeping your spool from spinning?
    • Is the thread spool bobbing about or leaning to one side?
    • Is the thread wrapped around and caught on one of the thread guides?
    • Are you using a "quality" thread? Has the thread shredded as it was going through your machine? Are there knots or slubs on the thread? Please Read this prior email for more information!
  • There are numerous reasons why your top tension maybe too tight, please remember to always check the items listed above.
  • Do not make adjustments to your tension knob, that will rarely fix your problem. So rarely, that I would bet you are more likely to win the lottery even if you never play! LOL!
  • Sew what was the problem above?
  • .   
  • The problem above was caused by a problem with the thread! You can see the thread is pressed into the other thread on the spool. This could be caused by poor storage of the thread or a defect in the thread.
  • Threads are expensive so store them properly in a spool container. Click here to view a spool storage container!

Sew the next time you experience an issue with an unbalanced stitch, don't touch that tension dial!

Questions? Perhaps viewing our video on Creating a Perfectly Balanced Stitch will help! ( YouTube Video )  Or stop by the shop with your machine!