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Understanding Your Creative Partner! 5 Tips! April 12, 2023

Hello Creative Community!

Wednesday is Understanding Your Creative Partner Day!

As mentioned before, it is very difficult to be creative and to find joy in the process if your sewing machine is acting up! Join me every Wednesday, if you want to gain knowledge about your sewing machine!

Today we will discuss:   Why the "scissor function" in your sewing machine does not cut your thread!

Let's set the scene. You push the button to activate your scissors in your sewing machine and sometimes it cuts or sometimes it doesn't. This makes you REALLY FRUSTRATED &#@*%$!!!! So you take your machine in to get it fixed. The repair person changes the blade once again. You just had it changed!  You are going crazy! What are you to do?

Repair Notes From Cathy 

  • Rarely does the blade need to be replaced!
  • Lint and thread push the cutter blade out of position just enough that 1 or both threads don't cut.
  • The lint is very difficult to see because it is usually gray in color and cannot be seen when looking at the machine from the front.
  • I turn the machine around so I am looking at it from the back side and press the scissor function button to see the lint.
  • It is easy to clean the lint out once someone shows you how everything works! 

5 Tips to make sure your scissors always cut!

  • 1.  Be mindful of the position of your fabric when the scissors are activiated!
    • The edge of your fabric should still be covering the opening in your throat plate.
    • If the fabric is behind the opening, threads can easily tangle under the throat plate and really create a jam.
    • Clear it before trying to start to sew!


  • 2.  Use "quality" thread! 
    • Your thread should be free of slubs
    • Your thread should not be fuzzy or hairy.
    • Poor quality thread produces lots of lint that pushes your scissor blade out of proper cutting position.


  • 3.  Learn how your scissors actually work! What cuts the thread?
    • Ask a professional sewing machine repair woman to explain how the threads are cut
    • Look under the throat plate and activate the "scissor". What happens?
    • What do those parts do?
    • Ask for help in understanding how they function, I can't stress this enough!
    • The first picture below is the blade, part #1 that cuts your thread.


  • The picture below shows part #2 that plays an important role in the cutting process.
    • Be cautious, in Pfaff machines, this piece is loose and can easily be dislodged or dropped down into your machine.


  • The picture below shows part #3 that "grabs" the thread and pulls it back against the blade.


  • Lastly, the cutting blade, part #1, in position


  • 4.  Learn how to clean the lint out from beside and behind the blade!
    • Often bits of thread and lint hide between the machine and the blade.
    • They are difficult to see.
    • I've had lint balls the size of a pea come flying out of the area.
    • After the lint is out, the cutter works beautifully!
    • See photo below. The purple and orange card is in the space.


  • 5.  Learn how to clear the thread tangles out.
    • Photo below show stuck uncut thread.


The scissor function on the newer machines, less than 10 years, work beautifully! If you are having an issue please consult an expert who can help you understand what the issue is. 

Remember, that changing the blade is rarely necessary. A dull blade is usually not the problem, so if that is what your repair person is recommending, maybe they are the one that is not sew sharp!!! Did I just say that?!?

Need help with your machine? Give us a call at (717) 957-4225 to set up a private class which can be face to face or via zoom.