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Weekly Update! March 20, 2023

Hello Stitching Community!

Don't miss out on what's happening at Smile Spinners in the upcoming weeks! 

  • In this email:
    • Class Alert! Upcoming classes!
    • What are Skill Builders?
    • Oh +@#$?!  What happened here?!?  Was this bobbin holder used for target practice? 

Class Alert! 

  • March 22 - Basic Hoop Embroidery Series (Class #2)
    • Time: 1 PM
    • Meets Face to Face (only) in the classroom at Smile Spinners
    • In this class explore: Setting up your machine for embroidery, Leveling the unit, Finding designs, Loading designs, and Saving designs!
    • Yes, you will need your machine for this class!
    • Click Here to register for class!
  • March 23 - Skills Lab
    • Time: 6 PM
    • Meets Face to Face (only) in the classroom at Smile Spinners
    • In this session you will get to practice some of those skills you have learned in class! Maybe your pieces aren't fitting together... is it your cutting, is your 1/4 inch not a 1/4" or is it your pressing? Maybe you want to start a new project?
    • Click Here to register for this class!
  • March 30 - Pockets 
    • Time: 6 PM
    • Meets Face to Face in the classroom at Smile Spinners
    • While this class is garment focused, pockets are put on many things so don't be put off by the word garment!
    • We will practice putting in in-seam pockets, making patch pockets, discuss topstitching skills and more!
    • Click here to register for class!
  • April 5 - Know Your Machine
    • 2 parts - April 5 and April 12
    • Time: 7 PM
    • Meets via Zoom Only
    • Fabric pushing into your throat plate? Scissor function not cutting? Thread jams? Holes in your bobbin basket? I'll address all of those issues and more!
    • This class is not about pushing buttons, it is about how your machine forms stitches! If you are having any issues with your machine get signed up for this class!!!!!
    • Seriously...don't be whining that your machine doesn't work!
    • Click Here to register for class!
  • April 6 - Learn How to make a Quilt - Choosing a pattern!
    • ???????Class #1 in the Quilting Series.
    • Choose to attend one class or all of them! 
    • Time: 6:15 PM
    • Meets Face to Face in the Classrooms at Smile Spinners!
    • In this class we will look at loads of quilt samples that we have made over the years! We will discuss what makes the designs easy or difficult and the skills you will need to complete each one!
    • Click Here to Register for Class!

Skill Buillders! What is a Skill Builder and Why Take Them!

  • For many years we watched people attend project focused classes.  We found people really didn't know how to cut better, piece better, or press better after taking those classes.
  •  Many people were working really hard and not achieving the greatest outcomes. Some gave up on sewing and quilting because it wasn't fun. 
  • About 10 years ago, we decided to focus on making people more skillful so all projects would go together easier!
  • Skill builders were born!
  • If you are experiencing difficulty with a technique, give Skill Builders a try!

Lastly the Bobbin Case!

  • If your bobbin case looks like the one above, filled with needle holes, you are not alone! I see a quite a few of these each week! 
  • I also see alot of frustration focused at the poor machines.
  • Do you know why this happens?
  • Do you know how to stop this from happening?
  • Do you know how this interfers with forming a stitch? 
  • If the answer to any of those questions is a "NO" then get signed up for Know Your Machine!
  • Watch for Wednesday's email where I will discuss why your bobbin holder jams, twists and causes you to stitch through it!
  • What does it have to do with the picture below? Do you start stitching on your fabric or off the fabric?

Bye for now, enjoy your sewing projects!

Be Sew Sensational!