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Let's Start to Make Garments! (Part 10 in the series) Zippers

Skill Builder: Let's Start to Make Garments
Part #10 Zippers
Format: Lecture / Demo
Please note this class is longer in length than previous classes

Have you ever avoided a garment because you were afraid to put in a zipper? Zippers are in the top 5 things that people avoid when they sew!

Zippers are an integral component in many garments! Learn how to tackle this, sometimes agonizing, process and get it right the first time. We'll teach you all about the many types of zippers out there. We'll also show you machine set up and construction techniques including Slot, Lap, and Invisible zippers.

Tools needed: 
     Sewing machine
     Zipper foot

    2 ea. 7" -9" zipper all purpose zipper
    1 ea. 9" invisible zipper

Class #1: Choosing your Garment Pattern!
Class #2: Fabric choices!
Class #3: Making it fit!
Class #4: Pattern layout and cutout
Class #5: Let's start to sew! Beginning construction
Class #6: Seam finishes
Class #7: Neck edge finishes
Class #8: Elastic Applications
Class #9: Sleeves
Class #10: Zippers

Let's Start to Make Garments! (Part 10 in the series) Zippers

$ 35.00
Wed, Jul 13, 2022 at 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm
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