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Garment Masters 332 - Setting in Your Sleeves *

Skill Builder: Sleeves, Styles & Construction

If you've ever sewn a garment, you might already dread putting in the sleeves. Those round seam, those tight corners, and those tucks!

In this class we will study various sleeve styles and discuss their construction. Then we will practice putting in a sleeve. Topics we will discuss: Basting; What stitch length do I use? How many rows of basting do I use? Where do I stitch them? Should I move my needle position? Pinning: How, where and how much do I pin? Stitching on a curve; How to tricks, to keeping your seam allowance consistent when sewing a curve. Tucks; Where do they frequently occur and how to avoid them? And sew much more!

Join us for an overhaul on your sleeve insertion. 
Tools Needed: Basic sewing supplies
     Sewing machine


Skill Details:
Expert Level Course
Courses 234 & 330
Instructor Name:
Cathy Queitzsch
Instructor Bio:
Cathy Queitzsch

Garment Masters 332 - Setting in Your Sleeves *

$ 45.00
For more information please call (717)-957-4225