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Machine Techniques 211 - Sewing Accurately *

Skill Builder: Stitching accurately
Recommended for all

Sewing accurately is one of the simplest ways to improve your sewing. So why is it that everyone I talk to squares up after stitching? Something is wrong if that is the method you use to get your squares to be the same size!

In my Stitching accurately class, you will have some ah ha moments. Why does the fabric pull to the left on many machines. Accuracy vs Consistency; What does that mean and how does it affect your project? 1/4" foot; Why we do not use this foot if we require accuracy? Products that improve accuracy; What are they and how do we use them? Of course we'll show you proper machine set up for these techniques and have you stitching accurately in no time. Oh and fabric creep; We will also discuss what it is and how to control it?!?

This class is encouraged as "Pre-Recommended" for many intermediate and advanced level lectures and project workshops.

Tools Needed: Basic sewing supplies
     Sewing machine

Skill builders recommended:
     Know your machine
Skill Level:
Skill Details:
Intermediate Level Course
Course 111
Instructor Name:
Cathy Queitzsch
Instructor Bio:
Cathy Queitzsch

Machine Techniques 211 - Sewing Accurately *

$ 45.00
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