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Bindings, Zoom format *

Skill Builder: Applying Bindings
1 class session
Length of session: approx 2 hours

Format: Lecture/Demo via zoom

The finish line is so close, and yet you have one of the hardest parts of quilting left. Right? Wrong. Learn everything about binding your quilt from the tools you'll need to the many methods to finish the edge of your quilt. What are the differences between working with handmade continuous binding or store bought bindings? Learn how to turn a corner, how to apply the entire binding by machine so you have a number of options the next time you are on the edge!

Please note: making continuous binding is offered in a separate class. 

Tools Needed: Basic sewing supplies
     Rotary cutter
     Sewing machine

Skill builders recommended:
     Know your machine
     Stitch this

* Please note that you will need to have access to the Zoom platform via website or app. We would prefer that you join us on a tablet or smart phone for best results, because we will need to see your machines as well as your faces at many points through out the class. 

*Log-in info with a code will be sent, via e-mail,  to you prior to class. The code is needed to be admitted to the classroom.
You will be admitted to the classroom 5 minutes prior to the start of class.

Skill Level:
Skill Details:
Expert Level Course
Course Pre-Recs: 211 & 250
Instructor Name:
Cathy Queitzsch
Instructor Bio:
Cathy Queitzsch

Bindings, Zoom format *

$ 35.00
Price includes: 1 class via zoom