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Fabric is Fun (Face to Face )(2 parts)

Skill Builder: Fabric is Fun
Recommended for everyone, yes everyone!
Format: Lecture Face-to-Face
Class Sessions: 2

So many fabrics, so much to know! If you ever buy anything that is made with a fabric then you will want to attend this class!

It's time you pull the loose thread on that favorite creative canvas of yours: Fabric! In this class you'll learn more about those fabrics you touch every day. Explore the difference in fabric types for sewing & quilting, as well as what makes a fabric a quality fabric! How are fabrics made? How does their finish impact your project? Just what is a quilting cotton? What makes some fabrics sew much more expensive? Cover some basic terms useful for full fabric knowledge. 

Supplies: No supplies are needed for this class.

Skill Level:
Skill Details:
Beginner Level Course
Instructor Name:
Jessica Bacon
Instructor Bio:
Jessica holds a Bachelor's Degree from The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Her focus of study included fashion design, tailoring, draping / pattern design, fabric development and production management. After graduation she worked in the fashion design industry in NYC for 10 years before returning to Central PA.

Fabric is Fun (Face to Face )(2 parts)

$ 55.00
Class fee is for 2 face to face sessions