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The Art of Cutting *

Skill Builder: Cutting, The Art of
Format: Lecture/Demo/Skills

Cutting fabric is one of those skills that make many people tremble. What if I ruin my fabric by cutting it wrong? What if I hurt myself with the rotary cutter? How do I position myself so my ruler doesn't slip?

We will address those questions and many more in this 2+ hour class. Some topics that we will cover: Tool exploration; How to determine what rotary cutter, ruler and mat will give you the best results and why. How to change the blade on your rotary cutter. Obtaining accuracy; How to position your fabric and yourself so that your ruler doesn't slip and you don't turn into a pretzel! How to cut long borders and wide yardage. Safety; How to stay out of the emergency room!

Join us to start with sewing/quilting's integral first step: Cutting. Along with helping to ensure your work will come out square, and to size, this class may just save your fingers...

This class is encouraged as "Pre-Recommended" for many intermediate and advanced level lectures and project workshops.

Supplies needed for class: If you have a rotary cutter and ruler, please bring it to class. If not, please do not go and purchase one.

Skill Level:
Skill Details:
Beginner Level Course
Instructor Name:
Cathy Queitzsch
Instructor Bio:
Cathy Queitzsch

The Art of Cutting *

$ 30.00
Price includes: 1 face to face class