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Remote Holder/ Bedside Organizer

Workshop Format/ Project focus

I designed this project many years ago for the beginning stitcher. The design was sew simple that we often used the design when we were teaching our young stitchers. Thus, our samples showcase purple unicorns and other juvenile prints. Fast forward to 2019 and give the design to Jessica for a makeover! Her choice of fabric...the new cork! Awesome new look!

Skill Level: Beginner

Skills reinforced in this class:
     Maintaining a consistent seam allowance

Supplies Needed:
*Please obtain supplies prior to class
     Pattern/Project sheet: Supplied by Smile Spinners
     Fabric: 2ea. 1/3 yards each
     Thread: Quality Polyester

Tools Needed: Basic sewing supplies
     Rotary cutter: 45mm or 60mm (Olfa recommended)
     Ruler: 6x24 or 8x24
     Scissors: Thread snips (5") and fabric cutting scissors (Gingher recommended)
     Pins: glass heads, .5mm shaft diameter, 1.25 shaft length
     Sewing machine

Skill Required: Must know how to safely operate a sewing machine
Skill builders recommended:
     Pinning for Placement
     Know your Machine

Skill Level:
Skill Details:
Beginner Course - 1 Credit (Workshop)
Must have know how to safely use a sewing machine
Instructor Name:
Jessica Bacon

Remote Holder/ Bedside Organizer

$ 35.00