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Working with Knit T-Shirts

This is a Two Session Class: Meaning you'll have to buy and attend both sessions for the full experience.

Think of your favorite shirt, that one you've had for years and somehow got better as it stretched and faded. I'm betitng it's a knit shirt which is why it's so comfortable and durable in the first place. Well, as much as it pains me to tell you... you'll need to replace that comfiest of comfy shirts onet day and this class will teach you how! Our first session will focus on fitting and modifying a basic DesignStudio Pattern which can be harder than it seems when working with knits. Our second session will focus on construction techniques for said t-shirt pattern and empower you with the skills needed to make the top part of your new wardrobe. 

Tools Needed: Basic sewing supplies, rotary cutter, ruler, scissors, pins, and a sewing machine.

Supplies needed: Pattern, Tracing Tissue/paper, Fabric for test garment.

Skill Level:
Skill Details:
Intermediate Course - 1 Credit (Workshop)
Courses 111, 202, & 246
Instructor Name:
Cathy Queitzsch
Instructor Bio:
Cathy Queitzsch

Working with Knit T-Shirts

$ 30.00
To Schedule 1 - On - 1 Classes Please Call (717)-957-4225