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               At SSA we applaud and encourage our students to gain a linear knowledge that can empower their projects and open the doors to their creativity. That's why we offer Majors with mapped areas of focus so you can do more than gain the knowledge. You can use it! Below are our three areas of focus and their course groups for you enjoyment. Remember, it's all about what you want to do. Feel like jazzing up the house, maybe our Home Dec major is just the thing. Or perhaps you're more of a paper piecer, we'll we've got a focus program within our Quilting Major with your name on it. As with any big life decision, we encourage you to consult your guidance counsellors... So if you have any questions about majors, focus areas, or courses, just call on us.

Major Savings

There are plenty of perks to declaring a major. Not only do you gain a highly tuned curriculum, but you gain some pretty sweet savings too.


  • Discounted Class Price - That's 20% off the regularly retailed price for 9 Skill Builders and 5 Workshops.

  • Student Stimulus Card - This bad boy gives you 20% off all in-store purchases - yeah, anything, and it's good till the end of the semester.

  • Graduation - Graduate with 32 combined credit hours and you'll get your diploma worth 20% off all in-store purchases for the next semester too!

Major Break-Downs

Not a bad student grant program if we do say so ourselves... Remember you can always declare a major, from your first class to the last, but it definitely benefits you to start early. That 20% discount is only good till the end of the semester so if you plan on declaring your major we suggest you do it at the beginning of each term. Plus you'll have the added benefits of first pick on courses and instructors, as well as more options for scheduling.

If you start late... don't worry. We stack our semesters with repeating courses that alternate from day to night. Talk any one of our in-store Student Advisors to get help picking classes and learn how to squeeze the most out of our program.

We just know you're going to love picking a major.
Because learning like this is what blooms the love to sew!