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Gift Card To Smile Spinners

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Find some heavier paper and print out this Gift Certificate, along with the emailed copy & receipt of your Gift Certificate.

Put them together in an envelope as a happy little present for the creative person in your life!
Thanks for sharing the Sewing Joy!

Print out a cute version of our Gift Card at home by following the below steps:

1. Right Click on the Gift Card Style of your choice and SAVE it to your computer
(Make sure you save the front and the back of the Gift Card)
2. Load regular or heavy paper into your printer
3. Open the Gift Card front and select File-->Print
4. Check the print settings to make sure that the 'Scale' setting is at 100% ( if not, adjust it so it is)
5. Print out the Gift Card Front
6. Take the print out and put it back into your paper tray, with the printed side facing up, so you can read the text.
7. Follow steps 3-5 to print out the Gift Card Back. 

Once your Gift Card is purchased, you'll receive an email receipt with the Gift Card Barcode attached.
You should include this along with a lovely message and your Gift Card Print out.

(*should fit in a standard envelope 4.5"x 5.5")