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Sewing Machine Master Class #001: For Pfaff Ambition Models

This class is designed for Pfaff Ambition Owners, (610, 620) who want to learn all about their machines sewing features. Increase your knowledge and joy of sewing with our Sewing Machine Master Classes!

Workshop, Garment Masters, Unlined Tops or Jackets

This workshop is for individuals who would like to apply the skills they learned from the Skill Builders series.

Help! I think My Sewing Machine Hates Me! Class #5

Class #5 When trouble occurs? Fixing your issues with confidence! Notice I didn't say fixing your sewing machines issues!!!! LOL!

Jun 21
NEW! Shaded Log Cabin!
Jun 21
Private Classes for Sewing/Quilting!
Jun 22
SEW WHAT Workshop!

Maximizing your potential for creative success, that's why we start with Skill Builders. Not only will you learn tips and tricks you never dreamed of, but you'll see that the real fun to be found in any project is through breaking the rules a little! We'll supply your mental tool pouch with enough goodies to explore any project, and with that base of knowledge... we're sure you'll be able to turn any project, into your project.

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Beginners Courses

It's okay. The bottom is a good place to start from... Building a solid base of knowledge is the most important step toward successful and happy sewing.

Intermediate Courses

Welcome to the middle. It's a good spot to be. This is the level where true learning takes place. So double down on your new found base of skills and get more specific.

Expert Courses

Okay, it's finally acceptable to be a little cocky... You know your stuff and it's time to take on even more. Here are the courses you need.