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Every day we're adding more and more fabrics. We'll continue to expand our inventory of notions, patterns, kits, and keep our calendar of events and classes constantly updated. Some day soon we hope to bring you original video content - including instructional how-to's, product reviews, and more. Because we know we're only as important as the community we promote, local events and activities will always share space with our products and information. You can always stay connected with us through social media, and soon find inspiration not only on sites like Facebook and Pinterest, but right here on our site through mood boards, free patterns, and style trends. We'll soon keep you in the know through our blog "Sew it Seams" where you can see highlights of local sewing activities, compelling quilting stories, and tricks of the trade. It's all coming to and we can't wait to bring it to you. 

But we're just beginning, and right now we need your help to ensure that we have a solid foundation before we build upon it. That's why, for a limited time, we want to pay you. Yeah, that's right. We need people to use our site to better understand its strengths and improve upon its weaknesses. Luckily it should be fun work for you, and the rewards of helping us come two fold.

  • First, all your help only ensures a better shopping experience for you in the long run.
  • And second, a 20% discount right at check-out.                     Use Coupon Code:    BETA

A special thanks goes to all of you for helping us achieve so much success already. Bringing your creativity and passions to the Smile Spinners community is what continues to push us to excel further. With your help we'll achieve more than we ever felt possible. Energize a new era of sewers. Revitalize an American industry. Maybe even inspire new trends and designs. It's all happening at Smile Spinners, and we couldn't do it without you.

-Smile Spinners Family and Staff