About Us

What is a Smile Spinner, you may ask… It certainly brings a great many options of fancy and fun to mind. Could it be the fabric? We do stock five thousand reasons to smile in the brightest bright colors, but that can’t be all. Maybe it’s quick classes over cutting counters, enthusiastic staff, or ideas when you’ve hit a wall. Perhaps the plethora of patterns or the inspiration galore. Put it all together and you start to realize a Smile Spinner is so much, much, more.
It’s a date on a calendar when you know you’ll arrive, and first project successes that keep passions alive. A quick tip, the right fit, good friends having good times. And a happiness that spreads, and even implores you to rhyme…
Simply put, a Smile Spinner is you, when excitement meets vision.
We’ll help you find it, every stitch of the way. Because for us,
Smile Spinners isn’t just a name.
It’s truly our mission!

Smile Spinners was the name exclaimed on a sunny morning in June so many years ago. It was to be a moniker for the goals and mentality of our little fabric shop. Established at the turn of the century, Smile Spinners has grown so much in it's 15 years. We now house an extensive library of over five thousand fabrics in a carefully curated selection of colors and styles. We extended our sales to sewing machines in 2003, and now carry two lines of both Pfaff and Elna. We knew from day one, that we wanted to do more than sell - we had to educate. Before we ever hosted our first class, Cathy became famous for her quick tips over the cutting counter and took pride in investing time into everyone's projects. That spirit has continued in our pattern line which seamlessly merges the ideals of "fast and fun" into those first time sewing projects that so desperately need success. Smile Spinners is now expanding further than ever before - on to the web, as I'm sure you've noticed, and soon to other divisions - such as Ready Made Products, Instructional Videos, and more.